The studio lighting dilemma!

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    We're a graphic design company and have a photography studio where we spend about 30 hours per week shooting product photography. Nothing complicated. But we need all-new lights! At current, we're using 3 Elinchrom 1000 Watt Monoblock Strobes for everything we do. Sometimes we bring a 4th light in but that's rare. Well, these lights are failing and I'm tired of paying to have them repaired. Problem seems to be coming from over-heat issues. And because I feel like I'm making this more difficult than it needs to be, I was hoping I could call on some of you guys to help me out and maybe see things from a perspective other than our own. I'm not a photographer but I've been working with our in-house photographer to make a final selection on lighting. All of our photography is digital and we use a Canon 1D MarkII for everything.

    Let me tell you real quick about what our goals are in the studio here:

    - Photograph Products on mannequins and/or live models
    - Photograph Jewelry and other product on flat table-top
    - Sometimes shoot model in stylized set in studio
    - Travel with lights to locations is very rare, maybe 4 times per year
    - In future would like to be able to shoot digital video alongside digital photography all with same setup (if feasible or possible)
    - Obtain lighting and equipment that is versatile, scalable and long-lasting. Tired of paying for repairs!

    My dilemma is which types lights to go with. I came really close today to buying Profoto Acute2 2400 Kit but got scared by price and wanted to do even more research before committing to high dollars. I've looked at Dyna-lite setups but talked with people that steered me away from them. Considered Speedotron at one point and then heard bad things. I'm pretty open but very frustrated, am just worried that I'm over thinking this. We were going to actually let go of using monoblocks and switch over to power packs and such... at this point I don't care. I'm willing to spend anywhere between $2000 and $4500.

    So in an attempt to close with an actual question, I'd like to ask...
    Based on what I've said above, and with your personal experiences with similar lighting configurations, what would be recommended to fulfill our needs?


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