The things we do to get our shots!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Harpper, Mar 19, 2004.

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    Let me share with everyone what happened to me today. I had the day off so I decided that this would be a great day to go take some photos. I dashed out the door and made my way to the countryside. Although today was going to be different. I decided to go exploring a little more since I had the extra time.

    My exploration paid off because I found a great location. Explaining how great this place was might not do it justice but I'm going to try anyway. Here goes...I stepped out of my car and was immediately obliterated by the view I saw. The glistening twinkle from sunrays reflecting off the ocean was breath taking. There were birds singing their magical songs all around me while my senses were fully absorbed in the moment. I was faintly aware of the warm soothing sun melting away my city skin while the smooth breeze brought it's relaxing demeaner. I never felt more alive, so I decided to expand my arms and take a huge breathe of nature's mountain air...

    ...and then it hit me. It was all around me! I was surrounded I tells ya!! There was no escape! They were to the left of me and more to the right. Everywhere I looked there was one...cow dung! They were scattered everywhere!! My lungs were exposed to something so powerful that it burned its way into my soul. Every breathe I took felt like it was my last. My nose was so shocked that it refused to operate. Because of the lack of oxygen, I started to notice my beautiful countryside starting to fade in and out of view as I was starting to slip into unconsciousness.

    A few minutes later I found myself starring at the sky as I woke from a dreamy state. I had hoped it was all a horrible dream...but no such luck...the overwhelming smell was still there. So I did what any of you would have done...I weakly dragged myself into my car and grabbed my camera. If I've learned nothing else from this forum, I've learned that given a choice between losing my arm or taking pictures...I would choose taking pictures. In this case it was a battle of staying conscious and possibly losing a few days off my life due to toxic chemicals.

    I did manage to take some pictures and somehow made it back to my car. After quickly starting the car and slamming on the gas, I pasted out on the steering wheel...but I got my pictures!

    Photographer - 1, cow dung - 0 ...but I don't think it this will be my last encounter with cow dung. So how was your day? :wink:

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    Aaaaahhh!....that true "country fresh" flavor huh?

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