The Trail

I like this; I think maybe you could stand to lop some off of the LH side without hurting things, but I like the image.
It's alright. I wonder what it might look like if the vignette were a bit less-dominant, or if it were to be processed in a different manner. It just seems like the left hand side, as tirediron mentioned, has too much influence. I cannot quite put my finger on what it is that's bugging me; is it the extreme contrast between her white dress and the darkness? Is there just too little color? I dunno...I just think this could be processed differently,and it'd just come alive, so to speak.

Maybe with some texture, or a ragged border? Maybe lightened up a huge amount, and made into a dreamy, softy-focus-like, ethereal feeling shot? Maybe converted to monochrome?
I just had to see what it looked like with some of the left side cropped off...and as a B&W with toning...I'm not sure if it's an improvement or not--after cropping it seems like there's not quite enough negative space to counterbalance her. Maybe your initial framing was really what it needed. I'm not 100 percent sold on the aspect ratio my re-work ended up feels maybe a bit too squareish, too "dumpy", as I call it. I dunno...sometimes it takes more than a week or so to figure out just, exactly, how an image is best cropped.

I tried to emphasize The Trail, which seems to come through pretty well due to the way you skillfully left that dark,black area right at the top, with the trampled grasses leading down to her, sitting there. That's a clever compositional trick.
Thank you for your effort. I could see the points you guys are making on the left hand side, the crop isn't too bad but I think the picture does look better with the negative space. I mean I did try to put the main focus on her and the trail and to create some contrast between the dress and the surroundings so the image isn't fully based on one colour. And at the same time having the darkness next to something light can arouse different interpretations.

But it is very interesting how you preserved the image and thank you for your feedback
I like the first one posted a lot. I have 0 talent when it comes to photographing people. Keep up the good work.
I like the first one posted a lot. I have 0 talent when it comes to photographing people. Keep up the good work.
Haha, I don't consider myself amazing either but it's just practicing and being comfortable with the person you're shooting. Thank you.
I like it but my eye isn't drawn immediately to the woman; it settles on the black berries (?) to her right (left as we look at it).

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