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Aug 6, 2010
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Here's a story behind this picture.

Picture-1.jpg by Sense Photo, on Flickr

I was coming home from gym and figured I have enough time to swing by the lake (ERIE, PA) and if i find some room maybe pull over and see the fireworks, usually its a nightmare parking or leaving. Once i got to there i remembered that all my photo equipment was in the car so after finding a spot i parked the car behind an older couple that was just getting out their vehicle. Guy (in his 60s) driving the car pulls out a 5d mark 3 and a 600mm out of his toyota and sits down with his wife at the beach getting ready for the show.
Eventually a lot of ppl showed and i ended up setting up my tripod w/ 70-200mm humbly behind everyone else. While we are waiting the guy happened to look back and saw me standing behind the crowd getting eaten by mosquitos and says "Son you cant work from there, come stand by me"
I was very appreciative and making my way through the crowd set everything up right next to him. His wife gave me bug spray. While trying to set up the camera and taking a few test shots few mins before the battery dies. Again, i wasn't prepared it was just a drive by and my battery happen to die as i was getting ready.
Not trying to embarrass my self i didn't say anything and just ran to the car and got my Fuji x100 just to capture at least something. After a few mins i hear "What happened?" so i explained my self, quietly, lol. We stood in silence for a min then he goes "What camera are you using" so i told him, and he says "Follow me to the car". This guy went out of his way to find a fully charged battery in his arsenal and make sure i had a good shot. I was astonished and the reason I'm making a big deal out of it because you don't see this kind of kindness often. Made my day.
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GREAT story (and a very nice shot!). I hope you got his name or email so you can thank him.

Yeah the 60D, 5D II, and 5D III all take the same battery. Get a battery grip (even if it's a Vello brand battery grip - which, seam for seam, and screw for screw, I absolutely cannot tell apart from a genuine Canon grip... I swear whoever makes the grips for Canon must tool off a few extra at the end of every day, not print the Canon logo on them, and then sell them under the "Vello" name.) Anyway... part of the reason I like the grip is for the grip... but the other reason is because it holds two batteries and that means you have battery power to last a very long time... even if you wait a long time between recharging.

I love that fiery reflection you caught in the water.
Cool picture, Awesome story!
That's cool. We have to look out for each other. (humans that is) Nice capture also.
I love stories like this. Your image is great too. So tranquil.

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