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Jan 8, 2006
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What a pretty pond you have - is it in your garden?
Did you build it yourself?
If so - can't you come over and build me one?
Then I'd also have those yellow irises here which I like so! (Only here they would not be out as yet ... they will appear later during this month on the lakes and ponds and river banks round here).

I can almost HEAR your Photo 3 here and its tiny waterfally. Very, very pretty.
you have a beautiful yard/pond... really like the comp of #3... :thumbup:
Did you build it yourself?
Yes I did. I mada a million trips to the closest river and got all the rocks which was a big pain.....It's really peaceful with the sound of running water and the birds love to come take a bath in the shallow end......I would love to visit Germany BUT, not sure I want to work that hard on a vacation! :)

Here's a shot from last year with the Lilly's starting to bloom.
Well, it looks like it was hard work, but the outcome is awesome, and it must be very satisfactory to be sitting there in the evening, watching this and hearing the water, knowing that you did all this, and very soothing, too. A lovely place.
My cousin has also built himself a big pond and has actually offered to build us one, too, but I don't know if at all, and if so when that would be. But it would be nice!
beautiful series of flowers, i especially like the first one in your last post... :thumbup:
It was a pain but now that its done (it's never "done") I love it! Everyone loves it.......A lot of my neighbors come over with their children and feed my Koi. If you like to relax outside, get a pond!!
what a beautiful pond - did anybody bother you about taking the rocks from the river?
megapaws said:
what a beautiful pond - did anybody bother you about taking the rocks from the river?

No.....I have a few places that I get them from and there's really no one around. PLUS, the rocks will be back next year with all the storms and high water we have.

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