Thinking about getting a Nikon N80 on Ebay


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Dec 14, 2007
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I was looking at getting a brand new FM10 but after hearing its not even made by Nikon I got kinda turned off. I found a N80 on ebay used with box, guy says it was only used twice.

This would be my first real Camera..

Everyone is trying to get me to go digital but all the digital Cameras of the same quality is 500+

So should I get this Camera or reconsider digital? If I do get this Camera how high should I bid?
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Go for it, if it goes over $100 look on craigslist.
body only, you can find 28-80 kits for like 125-150, but if you already have some Nikkors, I wouldn't bother.

I bought my N80 off craigslist for $125 body only (my 24-120VR is good enough for my film usage)
I put a bid down up to 100. What lens should I get, new or used?
Looks good. Thanks.. I hope I win the cam now.. 4 hours left.
I agree even though it ws no the cheapest thing in th world when it was new I would not let it go much over $100. The N80 was an excellent camera whaen it was new and one of the first auto-focus cameras that brought back a screw in cable-release wich was nice because at the time the electronic ones were going for $30-$60+.
I really don't know much about Camera's. What does the screw in cable release do?
A cable release is meant to let you shoot a picture without touching the camera. This helps when you want to shoot on a tripod in very low light and need your camera to be very still.


Not my picture.....
Ah I see. Thanks..

Got the body now I am thinking if I should get a new one at CC for 119.00 or look for a used one. Any problems with getting a used Lens?

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