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Nov 26, 2006
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cheshire uk
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Iv posted this on ather forum but iv had no replies. Im aware some (more than likley most) of you wont like the content, but how does it stand as an image??? :confused:

TY in advance

I'm guessing you mean how does it stand from a technical view point. If so, I'd say it looks sharp, has sufficient DoF and doesn't display any obvious motion blur.

The exposure looks good, but the image overall seems to be rather flat. The shadows are OK, but there is nothing to speak of in the highlight detail. The toned appraoch work well enough, but the selective colour in the eyes is barely noticeable - with a boost to the contrast, this may be more apparent, but I'm not convinced it suits the image.

As to the non-technical, I get the impressions there ought to be some sort of message in in, I just haven't the faintest what it might be though. That's a bit of a shame really as the image itself is quite a powerful one to my mind, it's just lacking something in what's it's communicating to me.
i look at it and think...what am i looking at...i don't care...and close the window..
I may not get out of what you intended, but it is a rather personally powerful image to me. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

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