Not put the gold border. Other then that the photo is okay.
Composition: get rid of or don't include the tree, in this case it adds nothing to the image - she has nice hair, so turning her a little more front ways would help fill out the crop shape and size that you chose.

Exposure: underexposed although, in a shot like this depending on your processing abilities, the background would be ok at the present exposure
In other words, had you exposed a little brighter, you could have brough down the background so she would stand out.

Focus and any retouching on the skin looks good
I would have her hair flowing down her back because it is making from her look large and taking away from her lovely smile
I would have gotten her away from the tree, had her turn her shoulders more towards the camera, and I would have had her lower her chin some.
Less tree. Shirt or blouse with at least a capped sleeve. For headshots you should always have a sleeve. Otherwise include the hand so the skin of the arm doesn't lead out of the image.
I noticed the underexposure as well...for composition...I would have positioned her face a little to the left more and gave a little more tree to the frame and less background leaves...just my two dollars...spend it how you wish

edit: just noticed someone mentioned too much tree...ha! well...differences are like opinions...they both lack the ability to produce viable offspring

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