Three Guesses


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Jul 5, 2005
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Mayville, MI
Ok some of you may know where I work so this should be easy for you. For those of you who don't...three guesses as to what these little critters are.

Sorry the image isn't of the greatest quality. I was playing with some new extension tubes. They were only about a quarter of an inch long.
Its hard to see.. Are they Tadpoles?
Ugh. Well. What fun!
We here thought that with the unusually long winter we would not get too many mosquitos this year, the larvae would certainly all die. So wrong! They are out there in largest droves and eat you alive when you go to do macro photos of dandelions with the reversed lens! Ugh!
Wow... I hate mosquitoes, but that is a really neat pic.
Well, I can't predict how bad the skeeters will be all over, but let's just say they will never go away. If you have standing water, you will have mosquitoes.

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