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Mar 8, 2007
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I dont really know how to handle this, so i tried something different... I took a picture every half hour (acutally every 15 minutes but i think i ended up using every other shot) of my car as the snow melted off it. Any comments would be great.. i havent posted an image on here in a while, hoping to start again.

Very interesting. I like it!
I like the idea, but by looking at the pic I can hardly tell that's what your getting at. Either that or it's just not effective. It really just looks like snow, on a car, spread out differently...which could be any pic of your car, doesn't necessarily imply any effect. But again, I like the intent and I think you can do something interesting with it.
thanks for the comments, and yeah, i know i could probably do something more with it, but i'm having a hard time getting the cutoffs to be at points where theres a big transition so it ends up looking like there is just snow in different parts ... i'll keep working at it and try and post the new one
this is tight, tony. i would have never guessed that they were all different pictures tho until you said it. i thought you just edited a square at a time or something. regardless, its interesting.

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