Timelapse with Raw or Jpegs?

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    The other day I decided to use the built in intervalometer to do a timelapse which for a 4 second video was actually somewhat decent. I told it to take 120 frames using raw files and it was about 4gb which is a lot for a 4 second video. If I wanted to do a minute timelapse, I gotta take a LOT of images (nearly 2,000, depending on the frame rate I choose) and many, many gigabytes of raw files.

    So is it just better to shoot in jpeg and select the size I need for the video to save space and make it more manageable? Yeah they won't be raw files so I can't make extreme changes to them but there is a little flexibility so I'd have to make sure I get everything the what I want in camera first.

    I know my D610 has a built in timelapse mode which automatically combines the images into a video. I haven't tried it yet and I assume it's going to only be in 1080p whereas I kind of want to do it in 4K.

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