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    I wasn’t sure where to post it so I posted it here. I am thinking of entering a few local shows/contest. They are also all B&W that I did all the processing, and printing. With the exception of the one of my son.
    If you wouldn’t mind take a look at these, and let me know. Most are mostly environmental portraits.

    The pictures look better in person. All I had was a crappy scanner, and the scans were the test prints not the final prints.

    This one is of my son after he was born. I couldn't scan it because it is matted and framed so this is just a picture of the photo.

    This is another one that I had to take a picture of the matted picture.

    The unseen toll that teaching takes
    These are part of a photo story I did of a coroner/shriner clown. I am still trying to find the rest of them, but all my old negitives are MIA.
    He had just informed a Senator of the death of his only child.
    Two hours after the above picture

    I am open to any and all criticism


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