Tokyo and Seoul- Critiques wanted


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Sep 7, 2015
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For the past two months, thanks to my deployment I've had a chance to cross off two of the cities on my bucket list, and visit both Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea. Unfortunately, due to luggage restrictions put on us by my command, I was forced to leave my DSLR behind in Okinawa so all I had was my trusty iphone6. Because of that, and the fact that I'm so new to photography, I decided to really try and focus on the composition of my photos, and try to really make them pleasing to look at and interesting. Since I was shooting with an Iphone6, I wasn't messing with shutter speed or aperture or any of that. I was just simply trying to get interesting pictures. Soo here we go.

1.) Took this picture right before Christmas near downtown Tokyo. Thought the lighted trees and the vantage point from the cross walk was interesting

2.)I took this one while we were wandering around trying to find our Hotel. We were outside of Tokyo and found a neighborhood that almost felt abandoned. This was also the first photo that I tried Black and White with.

3.) One thing I noticed about both Japan and Korea is that a lot of stores have their security shudders painted elaborately. I thought they might make for some interesting photography. First one is near Tokyo, Second one was in Seoul.


4.) This was just a quick snapshot of these figure things. I actually ended up buying a set of these to send home as a birthday gift for my mother.

5.) Just a quick snapshot of a staircase. At this point I was competing with one of my buddies to make not so exciting things seem, well more interesting. He took a photo of this staircase, and I thought I'd try and see if i could one up him

6.) We spent a week in the field here doing a training exercise. We were training on Mt. Fuji, which is hands down an amazingly photographic place. Definitely loved being there

7.)This one is the streets of Seoul, particularly over by Itaewon Ro... which is essentially a strip of counterfeit vendors and bards. This one I'm going to upload both the Black and White and the Color. The reason for this being is because I'd like to see which one you guys think work best for it.


8.)This one is just a quick snapshot of part of our group as we sat down at a taco shop for lunch.

9.) And this last shot is just a Picture of the DMZ... because well I loved that part of my trip. Yes I know there's a head that creeped into the bottom, but the South Koreans are very very picky about where and when you can take pictures.
Overwhelming set. Some really nice shots in there. Would comment on individual ones, but posting a zillion in one ppost makes that difficult.
Good shots all. B&W for me.
Some nice pictures there.
Picture 2 is a good choice for B&W. That's a good composition and use of light/shadow.
Sorry to go against the flow here but I think that, except for the first, these are not very well thought through.
I understand that you were hampered because of no real camera but, in each shot, there is a lot of extra stuff and the actual object of interest isn't clear.
In short, they seem to me to be just snapshots without much effort.

As for the first, the upper third doesn't have anything to contribute and the cement border on the left is rather dull.
I suggest cropping tighter to fill the frame and remove as much those hints of building on the background as possible.
Let the pattern be the picture.

I think he missed some wonderful opportunities in that crowed street.

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