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Chris Stegner

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Dec 27, 2007
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Ft. Thomas, KY
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Here's some shots I found from a while ago. I forget the second guy's name, but if you're into skating at all you know Tony Hawk.

Comments Please?


Those are great pictures! Especially with the Tony Hawk signature move haha. Is the second guy Bucky Lasek?
Cool pics. I wonder if the that guy in No. 2 is colour blind? :)
how did you get on the ramp to get those shots?!
how did you get on the ramp to get those shots?!

Basically I did what I do every time I want to shoot and I don't have a pass. I just go do it. I walked over climbed the "Do Not Enter" side of the ramp and started shooting. Sometimes it's easier to "Just Do It" and play stupid later.
I dont think thats bucky. It seems that bucky has darker hair then this guy. and i dont think he has his nose pierced. Nonetheless nice shots skateboarding is pretty unpredictable. and getting on the top of the ramp at a tony hawk demo is quite a hard thing to do. last time i went i got kicked off twice

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