Traditional Greek Dances


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May 10, 2013
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Below is a set I took last night with Greek traditional dances.

First of all I have to say that I didn't have my flash with me, only my prime 50mm. All these are with the available light so don't expect some quality photos here.. I had to boost my ISO to 4000 and use large apertures (which made focus issue even harder) for the fast paced dances.

Anyway, this is my tradition.. this is what I danced in my wedding and what we usually dance in great events in my country.
The performers are from the Dance Department of Patras Municipality.

I just wanted to share a few of them.. :)


1307_MusicNight_026 by jckars, on Flickr


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1307_MusicNight_404 by jckars, on Flickr
Nice images of a fascinating dance form. :D I like 4 and 8 best, they're really nice captures.
Thank you...
If only I had my flash with me...
Anyways, the nifty fifty does the job even at night

At the end of the dances I noticed that I was sweating almost as much as the performers :) :)
but I really enjoyed it
Shooting live dance performance without flash isn't easy but is often necessary (especially during stage productions in a theatre where flash isn't allowed). Think of this as good practice. Flash or no flash, you captured something of the soul of the dance in some of these shots along with decent exposure and WB. I can almost hear the music! :D
All of them are very nice! You managed to capture the shots from ''demanding'' angles and that gives you more ''credit'' :)
BTW, I never use the flash, I prefer the natural light, it is more realistic and more close to what our eyes see.
:clap: I love 2 and 4 especially.
All the images are great but #4 is amazing! Being Greek and having lived in Greece brings back a lot of memories!
Thank you all for your kind words.
These dances are truly amazing. I just capture a tiny fraction of them mostly to create memories..

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