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Training my Labrador


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Jan 13, 2004
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I'm training my lab puppy to be a waterfowl hunting dog. He was having such a fun time making some retrieves in the corn stubble I thought I would snap a few. Let me know what you think.




oh wow that 4th one is so good. 2 is good too. cute dog + snow + good location + good comp = a great picture. In the first, the corn stalks to the immediate <--- side of the dog are in focus and the dog is not. good job
You're right, the dog may be in the very back of the focus range. However with the photo full size on my computer monitor, it looks in focus.

#2 is fine, but the rest looks like you were exposing for the foreground instead of the dog.
I could see that. Its hard photographing a black dog on a cloudy day. You expose for the dog and everything else is white-washed. Ill try to go a couple stops more next time.
The last time I posted bird dog pics in this forum I was told "This is not the proper forum and they were moved to the "Just for Fun " forum.

Just saying!!
Amazing what a monitor setup will do too. I first viewed these at work and the dog was just completely black with absolutely no detail. Here at home I can see it is not completely black at all. Still needs a little work on the exposure of the dog, but viewing at home vs. viewing on my crap system at work was a major difference.

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