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    re-organize my workspace and came across these CD"s.

    i don't think i have ever used them, :lmao: and yes they aren't the lastest h owever for a beginner they might be useful as i have found each new release is building on the previous programs.

    anyway, these are the titles
    "mastering Photoshop Elements 4.0"
    "mastering Photoshop CS2"
    and an "Adobe Photoshop toolkit" this has 75 videos stock images etc. this is from the makers of Computer Arts and is one of those items that could be found in the magazine section of a book store. Just trying to give an accurate description .

    $5 dollars each plus shipping which shouldn't be a lot as they could be sent media rate and come by slow train, or even 1st class shouldn't be expensive.

    pm me if interested.


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