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Aug 15, 2015
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I've been using my Nikon D3100 for a few years now, but I still consider myself an amateur photographer. I've used it mainly to document travels, and I've been really happy with the results. Now, though, I'm getting into the craft of photography, and learning exactly what goes into a good shot.

Here are some shots I like from my recent Europe trip. I'd appreciate any feedback - both positive and, more importantly, what I can work on. In addition to feedback on the pictures, which have not been edited in any way, I would welcome any feedback about how to improve them with basic editing.

Thank you!

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You have posted too many photos for a detailed C&C.

Venice needs to be straightened.

As for what to work on, maybe framing.
I like the Eiffel tower (because of the dramatic lighting) , the castle below it, and the village on the cliff. I think they are beautiful and the compositions on those are nice. Not much you can do about basic cloudy days unfortunately. The bottom one with the boat is pretty too. I think that the concept of the first one is neat. The one between buildings is maybe lacking a focal point and just a little less interesting. Same with the second. Just kind of lacking a focal point. I think that the third could have been a little more dramatic. Maybe a closer shot with and interesting angle looking upward toward to show off the building's size or just moving to a position to where you have trees or something framing the shot.

Again I'm sure you didn't really get to choose what time you got to be in these places, but things always look prettier in the early morning and in the evening. Magic light hours. :)
Beautiful places, looks like a nice trip!
Travel photography is typically taken while you are in one location for a short time. Few of us have the luxury of returning to a site for another look in different lighting or different weather.

With that in mind, your work is very good for the style of photography you are working with. The problem I would point to is, they are also very common for the style. Nothing necessarily wrong with that but also nothing really unique brought to the table.
Thanks for your comments! I'm getting the basics of framing and trying to take solid photos down for now, but I definitely want to push myself to find more creative approaches to a subject as I get some more experience.
Seems like you had a wonderful trip, and the photos are all delicious. Nothing that bad in them except a little straightening.

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