Trial pic of my son!


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Nov 30, 2007
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Just a trial pic of my son holding a candle.
No tripod used so that why it's not very sharp the picture.I took a lot of pics but this was the best one.
What do you guys think?...
Wrong place..this pic should be in the People thread...sorry:blushing:

Btw..what do you mean by feel odd?
If you find the reason then you will tell me?...:wink:
i like the lighting from the candle onto his face, but his hands dont look natural holding the candle.
Yes you are right.Is that we used a candle holder,u can see it under his hands.
So he is actually holding around the holder and not the candle itself.
Yeah, but even still his hands look really odd. The lighting is cool, his face has no expression which I like, but his hands are awkward.
You mean to have his hand more downwords,like resting on the table?
Thanks for the CC..iam noob at taking pics with low light...trying to learn though!
id say for him to put his hands on the base of the candle holder
or have him hold the candle without a candle holder.
The first thing I thought when I saw this was Georges de la Tour Magdalene with the Smoking Flame. I like it...keep on improving.

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