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Nov 14, 2020
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:confused-55: Tripods For Tall People :confused-55:

I am 76” tall, and I’m really struggling to find a middle of the road tripod and ballhead, that I don’t have to be on my knees to utilize. I have back issues, so bending down to see the viewfinder is difficult.

I really would like to stay away from the ones that extend up on the single pole in the middle please.

Price range - I’d like to stay under $300 for the pair. RRS is my wishlist, but budget dictates my options for right now. Thanks everyone!
Honestly, at that price getting a tripod that goes high enough for you without a center column and is any kind of stable may be impossible, even in the used market.

I get that this isn't a helpful answer, and maybe there's something on the market that I don't know about.

RRS TVC34L is really the absolute best thing for you and one of the few options at any price point that offer what you're asking for, but as you're aware it's well out of your budget.

I wish I had a more helpful answer for you.
This is very helpful, as I knew coming in with this question and budget would be really tough. Any recommendations in the price range for a solid tripod?
This is very helpful, as I knew coming in with this question and budget would be really tough. Any recommendations in the price range for a solid tripod?

I don't have a particular recommendation because I've stopped looking at the budget tripods a while back when I finally picked up my dream RRS setup. Took years, but it was worth it. Highly recommend it if you one day have the means.

I did see an F-Stoppers post recently about their favorite budget tripod. I'll post the link below. Now, I know that what they're suggesting is still out of your budget, but you may be able to find a cheaper model from that brand with good reviews? Or maybe look for a used version of what they recommend? Just an idea man, sorry I can't be of more help.

Our New Favorite Tripod Is Actually the Most Affordable We Tested
Super helpful and now I don’t feel so bad that I’m just beginning and have to set my goals for the RRS! Thank you again!
Do a web search for film makers tripods. They are normally bigger than those used by still camera users
You could always try your luck and contact say manfrotto direct and put your case see if they are interested in helping I am tall in the body and had real problems getting crutch straps for my life jacket that would fit. I went to the makers and had a set of custom length made for the price of std set. That firm now offers an option of extra long on request
They did not know their customers were having problems like mine.
Maybe manfrotto may do something
I will certainly do so. There are plenty more taller people into photography, so having an option or a few would be fantastic! Thanks!
If you are too tall then what you can do is that you can increase the height manually by some object as normally you would never find a tall tripod. Tripods are basically made in China and in China there are only short people so they do not make tripods very long. I know what you are struggling with. You can do one thing, you can custom made a tripod or you customize what you already have. I would say do it on your own as it will save you money and also would work for you. What ever tall tripd you will buy will be short for you as you are so tall.
Ok I have just been on the manfrotto web page they have a sale on and on each tripod I looked at there is a spec sheet that gives a max height .
Hope this helps

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