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Nov 21, 2007
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Any advice on tripods?
I'm wanting one but I don't really know a thing about them.
Anything I should look for specifically?
I do know I'm not looking to spend hundreds of dollars but I just want something that will do the job well.
probably look for a reputable company such as bogen/manfrotto or slik. also, make sure its sturdy and can support you gear on it. also, depending on the type of shooting, i think there are specific tripod heads for the tripods. also, a quick release is handy.

All I can say is that I had a 'budget' tripod for years that worked okay. When I upgraded my gear (and weight) it suffered. Couldn't keep a straight face.

I went with a Bogen/Manfrotto with seperate legs and head. That's about $280USD but it is very solid. You can go with cheaper legs, but I really like the ball head.

Here's a link to my tripod that I got about 6 months ago. Bogen 3021B Pro legs and 322RC2 ball head.

I used a cheap Quantaray for years though. It took me a while before I really saw the need to get a quality one. A quality tripod is worth every penny. This is truly one place where you can tell the difference between a $90 piece of equipment and a $300 one.

Cry once or everytime you use it.
A quality tripod is worth every penny. This is truly one place where you can tell the difference between a $90 piece of equipment and a $300 one.

Okay this is exactly what I was wanting to know. thanks!

I'd love to know what everyone else uses (who hasn't posted!) I'm really clueless so I need to do my research. Any input would be grately appreciated!
You really do need to go and check them out at the store if possible. Since you will be the one using them, you have to like how it funtions and feels in your hands. General specs are build quality, sturdiness, weight, max height & weight capability, etc. The type of tripod head you choose will depend on the features you need. Panning/tilt heads are great for landscapes, architecture and panoramas, but a ball head is preferable for wildlife/nature. Really depends on you and your needs. Top reccommended brands are Bogen Manfrotto (which I use 190XPROB w/ 322RC2 Grip Ball Head), Giottos, Slik and Gitzo. All dependent on your budget and features you need. Check out B&H's catalog for a sampling.
forget the $200 tripods

i just bought Kodak Gear tripod off ebay for $20

and its bloody solid.

not as many level indicators as i would like, theres only 1, and it doens't work to well

but the thing is rock solid. i went to a camera store and shook around the tripods a bit. the chepater ones were very untable and teh expensive ones were quiet stable. My Kodak Gear one is very stable
here is a link to some of the best rated legs I found for a budget so I bought some and I am very happy with them
I also use the Bogen 322RC2 ball head as well. I think the total investment was about $220. I so agree with the others that you do not want to go to cheap in this area. I know I would not look at anything less then what I have it just would not cut it.
Had the same question a few weeks back when I decided to get some new, good material. Didn't know anything about tripods, googled a bit and researched this forum (the search tool here is very useful, use it). Decided on a good brand (Manfrotto/Bogen) and a not too expensive model, cost me about $150. It's a very sturdy one and can hold a lot of gear but it does weigh a lot of its own. So I have a quality tripod that didn't cost me a fortune, only downside is I have to carry more weight.
I use a Bogan tripod that is an older model so a model # won't mean anything. It's replacement is identical with a different style of leg locks. It can support 22 lbs. if memory serves. The pan head is a model #3047 and built for 10-12 lbs. It uses a hex shaped adapter plate that I prefer with heaver equipment. The big disadvantage to this rig, it's heavy! Not for hiking in the back country. For that look into carbon fiber tripods. My dealer tells me the 3047 head and all hex plate adapters are now discontinued in favor of a molded plastic material with a totally different style of mount plate. After holding the new head, I don't think it will holdup to the stress an active armature or pro puts on their equipment. This dealer told me a lot of Bogan stuff will go plastic as aluminum is hard to come by in Italy. Don't know if that's the real reason, or they just want to drastically reduce manufacturing costs. Needless to say I am disappointed.
I just got in the #725B manfrotto tripod that comes with a ball head and quick release. I am VERY happy with this particular tripod and it was cheap - only $135. My monopod is a carbon fibre #694 manfrotto and I also added the #3229 tilt head with quick release. I keep 1 of the QR pads on my camera body, the other QR pad I keep on my 70-200 2.8 lens. THis is a current and readily available quick release system so the pads are easily bought.

I used a relatively cheap [maybe $35?] VANGUARD tripod with a QR for around 15+ years but It won;t handle the heavy current rig and it FINALLY actually broke. It was fine for smaller, lighter gear...

I am extrememly happy with my current tripod and monopod listed above and highly recommend both.
anyone know of this company?
Price $ 198.95
Shipping Cost
Pro 523P Carbon Fiber Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head (Quick Release) - Supports 6.1 lbs (2.8 kg) MFR# 620-523-CFT-P • B&H# SU523P
Carbon fiber makes it light and it's pretty small for taking around. . .

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