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Nov 22, 2007
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i want to buy a nikon d100...but i need some's an old camera with old technology...but from what i've read, it's a good camera.

1. why should i buy this camera?
2. is it fast enough for photojournalism?
3. how reliable is it?

thank u,

out of the nikon range this is the one I'd give a miss, but here's your answers anyway,

1 = if its very cheap
2 = it was aimed at this market but flopped against the canon or that age
3 = probably as reliable as all niks. H
i love mine, even tho it is considered a paper weight these days.

it will allow me to do several things that newer models won't.
i.e. can use a standard cable release and not have to buy an expensive remote control one.

do Ir in camera with a filter.

and basically it does all i need at this time.

If it is in good shape and cheap enough why not.

mine does not have a hot spot either which is nice for long exposures.

everyone to their own expereinces.
There is nothing wrong with the D100, especially for the price they are selling for these days. I still use one as a back up. However, you can get cameras such as the D70 that are "better" in certain ways for the same amount of money.

If you put durability above IQ and flash options then the D100 is for you. Since you ask about PJ work then I assume durability is important to you.

You might also see how cheap you can get a D1x for. Great camera for the money.


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