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Mar 17, 2009
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I have been scoping out on the internet for a new tripod. My tripod is starting to rust out do to humidity where i live and take alot of my photos at. I am looking more for a composite one and just want to get some info on what you guys are using and just take some suggestions.
I have two carbon fiber tripods. The manfrotto 055MF3 is a good all around unit!
Ahh carbon, i have seen alot of these, but what prices would i be looking at?
It would have been good to know what you were wanting to spend. Of the 4 tripods I own, two are Manfrotto's and two are Gitzo's. The Manfrottos see the majority of the duty. One is a 3021BPro which is my general duty tripod. The other is an 058B for the studio.

When I needed speciality/composit tripods I looked at the Manfrottos and others and decided to go withGitzo. A Carbon fiber GT5541LS to support a Wimberely II head and big glass and a GT2932 Basalt for hiking with.

If you are truely after a composit like Carbon Fiber I would suggest you look at the Manfrottos big brother Gitzo. More expensive but best composite legs you will ever come across.

thanks for the input, when i get back stateside i will begin to look for them. Will be looking to get one in 2weeks or less. But I am looking at spending any where from 200-450 USD maybe in the mid 500usd. But I will scope around what you guys listed.

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