Trying some studio portrait stuff


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May 3, 2005
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Des Moines, Iowa
I decided to try to do some self-portrait shots in a primative studio setup.

I'm new to this kind of photography so all help/comments/critiquesare appreciated.

I like it, I think the adhoc background detracts a little from the image. I think it may have looked better with a more interesting background and a very short DOF. Apart from that the shadows & lighting work very well. GW.
Hi, not sure what "adhoc" background means and can't find my dictionary!! xx, but i think it is a great shot. my only thought would be to move further from the background with a wider aperture to get rid of the wrinkles on the backdrop (just a little something i learnt from these talented folks!) Cool shot though xx
I like the pose. You look very "cool." I kind of like how the background folds on the left side, but I just wish the top part was out of the frame.
I think a square crop would work a lot better here. There's nothing to the left but wrinkles. Unfortunately that still leaves the black band up top, but it's not too bad. There are some blown shiny spots on his face (I'm guessing you used a regular light bulb for light), but the pose and expression works well for me.
This shot reminds me of the ads for gucci :blushing:.Quite handsome model and pose.I would change the background as well, maybe something darker would be better.Anyway, it's has a nice, worm feeling...:thumbup:

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