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Jun 7, 2012
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so..I have noticed that flashes have come up pretty frequently lately, and more specifically in a few cases, TTL -vs- manual flashes.
since I have been looking at getting a few new flashes myself recently, I would like a few opinions.
I have a few SB600's and sb700's now, and honestly, the menu system on the sb600's is DISMAL. :grumpy:
the sb700's have a MUCH better menu system, and can act as a commander. I really want to replace some of my sb600's with something a little bigger, and with a better menu interface.

I had originally been thinking of just getting sb700's since i have been using Nikons CLS for 2-3 off camera flashes...but their "line of sight" triggering is not always the most reliable so I am thinking i am just going to get a few radio triggers.
so this begs the question...If i am just going to get radio triggers anyway, what is a good third party flash at least equal to the sb700's?

I want flashes that have TTL, so obviously i cant go the super cheap route. I have been looking at yongnuo 568-EX's. they have TTL and are half what the sb700's are new. I hear yongnuo's praised pretty often here, so i figured they might be worth trying out.
are the 568EX's the only YN's that have TTL? And, do the yongnuo radio triggers support TTL?
Nikon's i-TTL is quite a bit more sophisticated, mainly because of CLS, than Canon's e-TTL, which makes i-TTL quite a bit more difficult to reverse engineer.
I need a back up flash for my Nikon D7100. I'll be using it for weddings. I hate to spend the big bucks for another Nikon flash. This back up will be just for emergencies and double lighting. Any suggestions for a good non-Nikon flash around $200 or so?

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