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Oct 30, 2015
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HI there

Im looking for some advice on twilight photography (if thats what you call it). I want to take some photos of star filled skies. The equipment i have is a cannon 600d, a 18-55 cannon EFS kit lens, an 80-200mm cannon EF zoo lens, a 50mm prime lens and iv also got a macro lens with wide angle attachment. I have a good tripod and a remote. I also have a ND4 filter, UV filter and CPL filter. Now i know to use the tripod and remote so that there is no movement what so ever but with the equipment iv got whats the best combination with lens/filter/ISO/aperture.

Any advice is appreciated folks. Thanks,

Regards Dan
Thanks for the replies guys. Rob iv read your guid and it is excellent. Iv book marked it and i'm going to try it out. Last night the sky was clear and full of stars, tonight not so much. Next clear night i get ill try it out and post my results i here. Thanks.

What part of planet Earth are you on?
I'm on a dry part that spins in conjunction with the planet. Convenient that way, otherwise you: (a) Drown, (b) change locations constantly depending on whether you are on a part going faster or slower than the rest of the planet, or (c) fly off into space. It sucks when gravity isn't there. :biggrin-93:
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Where we are on our planet has significant implications for doing twilight astrophotography.
I would suspect that no matter what planet you are on the location would have significant implications for doing twilight astrophotography.

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