Two low end camera's Kodak Z740 CanonA610


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Apr 10, 2006
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I don't know which one to get it's driving me crazy trying to decide.
A few reasons for the Canon are that I have a Canon Rebel 2000 so therefore am familiar with the layout of the Canon and some of the features also I find looking at some peoples photography that the Kodak pictures look kind of flat but that could be the photographer rather than the camera. The Kodak has a great optical zoom.
I will want this camera for doing basic photography..
Action shots of kids playing outside
Some nature and landscape
Indoor portraits
Indoor action of kids playing

Here are some reviews I found and comparison pictures, I will not really have the opportunity to try each one out because we are getting the camera as an exchange on one we had an extended warrenty for that could not be repaired.(an HP)

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated this is a great opportunity for us to get a new camera so I want to make the best decision.

Here are two links that may help

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The advice that you will typically get around here, is to save up and get a Digital SLR. It will cost twice as much as these cameras...but it's 10 times the camera. Plus, you can get one that is compatible with the same lenses as your Rebel 2000.

As for the two cameras you are looking at, I usually like Canon over Kodak but that's just personal choice. The Kodak has more zoom, a much bigger LCD screen and plenty of good features. Although it almost twice as expensive.

Have you considered a Canon S2 IS, or the new S3 IS? That would compare to the Kodak a little better.
Hi thanx for getting back to me,
I'm not sure how old that review is but the Kodak is now priced at $349.99 and the Canon $379.99.

I think i'm also leaning toward the Canon I like the Aperture priority feature it has I used that alot with my Rebel the camera would set the shutter speed and I would set the aperture if I didn't want to risk a roll of duds incase I got it wrong, although that isnt' so much the case with a digital camera as you can see your results immediately.. hmmm :meh:

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