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Sep 21, 2015
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I would like to ask you for an advice with choosing the right camera. Now I own Canon EOS 600d, however I decided to upgrade it and buy something what fits my needs better.

My demands are:
- recording nice and sharp video in 4K (should be fullHD as well)
- price around $1000
- ability to add external microphone or led light
- nice low light scenes
- easy focusing (just touch the place on the screen and it should focus there) and zooming
- and taking some common photos

I think that the best choice is to buy an ultrazoom camera which is quite universal, practical and doesn ´t require any upgrades (such as expensive lenses and so) in the future. I tried to find some posibilities and write out them here.

1. Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000

I think it is fine but main disadvantages are size, absence of touch-screen (which I would like to have for easy focusing) and finaly I have read that the zooming is not so smooth and the result looks quite amateur.

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-fz300

- Actualy this camera is quite similar to previous one but has a smaller senzor (is it a huge problem?) :( On the other hand it has smaller size, lower price (I should buy some equipment such as external wireless microphone and led light with it), perfect aperture f/2.8 in entire range, touch screen (I hope it could be use for easy zooming?), quicker focusing and smooth zooming.
The main issue is that this camera is quite new - so there are no good reviews and I am quite confused.

3. Different ultrazoom
- Next choice is to buy different ultrazoom from different producer such as Sony, Nikon or Canon?

4. Don ´t buy ultrazoom, buy something else
It would be better for me to buy something else around $1000.

Thank You for any advice you´ll give me :)

The FZ300 is the successor to the FZ200. It has the same lens and sensor.
I've seen excellent pics by the FZ200
The IQ is about the same, from what I read from the first owners of the FZ300.
Of course it has many extra good features compared to the FZ200.
I have the FZ1000 and it is still the better camera of the two,
certainly in low light(larger sensor). So I won't buy the FZ300.
Other superzooms have a longer reach, but their lens is not as good as on the FZ300.
Both cameras can deliver good pics, you could take the one you like most.
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2 things.

An ultrazoom may be the best bet for you, but there will be some compromise with even the best over a dslr. You're probably aware but it may come in guise of slower continues af or low light high iso etc.

The 4k limits your choice. Do you really need 4k (possible you do, but most tv's can't even show it yet). Hd is enoght for most, so unless you really need 4k you'd open up more options without
4K is interesting, as each frame is an 8MP pic, you can extract.
Thank You very much :)

I think that 4K is a right choice for the future :) actualy I will be recording in 4K but after that I render it in fullHD. It gaves me an oportunity to zoom in during post processing without compression.

Finaly I found one more camera... Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100...
ohh... They are sooo similar :p :(
Just to be sure you understand if you are getting a Super zoom or as you call it Ultrazoom you are going to pay with much worst low light performance due to the tiny sensor size.
If you will only shoot in good lighting conditions then you might not care but if you shoot in mid to bad lighting conditions you might find you miss the performance of you current APS-C camera.
A well shot video is shot either at 60Hz with 1/125s shutter speed, or at 24Hz with 1/50s shutter speed ... 1/125s is often not enough to avoid visible movement blurr and 1/50s even less so.

Additionally, a video is usually shot at 8 bit resolution. Instead of 14, as it is common resolution on DSLRs.

So the idea to extract pictures from a video stream ... possible, sure, but usually rather low quality.
The LX100 is a good camera, but no superzoom. If you
can life without the zoom, then it can be it.
FullHD (1080p) is a 16:9 aspect ratio video format having 1920 px by 1080 px dimensions.
1920 pixels times 1080 pixels = 2.07 MP
A key aspect for displaying video in this format is the frame rate.

The dominant 4K standard is DCI which is 4096 x 2160 px, a 1.9:1 aspect ratio. The 4K refers to the 4000(+) pixel width of the frame.
DCI and it's standards are widely respected by the film industry.

Great confusion among consumers stems from the many manufacturers that advertise their products as UHD 4K (Ultra High Definition 4K), or simply 4K, when the term 4K is traditionally reserved for the cinematic, DCI resolution.
UHD 4K is a 16:9 aspect ratio format having frame resolution of 3840 x 2160 px.
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I just went through the very same search with nearly the same criteria you are looking at last spring. The big break in the FZ line is at 100. From what I remember in my research I felt like the bang for the buck dropped off in the later models until you hit the FZ1000. The 1000 was way out of my budget so I picked up a used FZ150 for $170 shipped. (Side note the FZ70 dosn't have the leica lens so avoid that one.)

But talk about bang for the buck! The FZ150 takes better video than my $500 SD camcorder! I have never owned anything but pocket point and shoots so this camera was a huge step up for me. I have been delighted with what great photos it takes!

It's got a couple features I really like on it like the motion debur setting. Flipping that on freezes motion dead on like this.

But with it off I get a little wheel motion and anything moving is slightly blurred

There is a also a panning setting to really crank up the blur that will get you this


And those were all taken in ai or scene mode so no guess work in the settings.

If you want to see a little video from the camera here you go.

Note the black shadow in the 2nd half of the video is my 1.7x lens barrel showing up because I was not zoomed up quite far enough. All the shots on this page were taken at a distance.

I am going to be moving up to an SLR soon but for a point and shoot zoom camera I can't say enough good things about the Lumix and as good as the 150 is I bet the 1000 is off the charts!
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