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Robin Usagani

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Jun 6, 2010
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I was in the process of correcting the exposure but my wife told me it is awesome the way it is. What do you guys think? We were shooting on a cloudy day and all of a sudden sun light broke through the cloud opening and hit my subjects.

that is kinda cool but i would have shot another one with a little brighter and more color
i dont think its all that underexposed. the BG may be, but i agree with your wife. i think the couple is well exposed and they pop right out of the nicely blurred BG.
i like the tones you achieved too. it seems im a big fan of tones. :D
* There's nothing wrong with purposely underexposing if it is to serve a purpose
* I like the exposure and the mood it creates.

* I don't think the "sepia" like finish works for this photo.
* The almost centered face/kiss in frame leaves a bit too much space above.
I had 4 different finishes. I told them to tell me which one the love and which one they can't stand so I can do the same for the wedding.
I had 4 different finishes. I told them to tell me which one the love and which one they can't stand so I can do the same for the wedding.

You mean you can order the same lighting for the wedding? How cool is that?

I really like this pic, and IMO you can play with the color or different crops to your hearts content, I'd still like it. Nice going!
I like the photo, it creates a mood that is crisp and undeniable.

exposure wise I think it works fine, not distractingly under at all. If you would not have said anything, I do not even believe it would be brought up.

If I had to nick pick, it would be on composition, a bit more foreground would help the empty space on top for sure. Also, a bit more room on the left side of the image, keeping his knee from being cut.

Great photo, post some more from the session/wedding.

Any more exposure of his t-shirt and that would have been all blown.
So I think that ultimately you got the exposure right.
And I take it this wasn't a chance photo of a couple kissing? At first I thought it was that...

And they like these muted tones and sepia tint best?
I agree about pretty much everything said. I'd really like to see this in color though. I'm not a big fan of this coloring.
I love it just the way it is! I personally love the sepia tone and think it creates a whole different meaning than a color photo would :)
I like the shot as is. I was working with someone assisting on a shoot and he did this type of photography but with strobes...get the subject well light and underexpose the background.

Nice job, even though you wanted to fix it.

Did you try fixing it anyways and comparing the result?

Ok, I might crop a little on the top and maybe sides, but the exposure and treatment are really stunning imo.
+1 for sepia like tone... it looks like a ''memory'' of a kiss more then a kiss picture...

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