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Dec 14, 2003
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I thought of the Protected image when I took this one. Seems one tree will protect a grave and another will take it over

great find Carl! b&w well done as usual my friend!

50,000 reps points for ye :mrgreen:
hmmm.... looks like even trees show favoritism. Nice shot!
Great find chiller, would be a good idea for a film (although probably a b-movie!), were a tree absorbes all the dead bodies in the cem and then becomes a demonic killing life force! nice one mate :thumbup:
aprilraven said:
wow...thats what you could call really being rooted to a spot...!!!

great find chiller.... unbelievable...!!


Nice work, Chiller!
Thanks everyone. I have another to go back and grab a shot of. My first thought when I saw this, was what the root of this tree have done to the...well..remains below.
I agree with Arch...looks like a scene from a horror, or even a Harry Potter movie. Dark indeed. And it's upside down?
Awesome Chiller, I have a shot similiar but not quit as good as this one. Great shot. It would be... kinda cool, when your coffin is covered with the living life of an awesome tree like that, I would feel safe, well... dead safe.
Thanks all for your comments. I have to get back and find the other one, that is up off the ground in the tree.
i thought i commented on the one already, but i guess not...

awesome capture!! :thumbup:

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