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Nov 10, 2011
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South africa
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I arranged with a model for a tfp photoshoot.

And the idea is to do a location shoot in a grassfield.

What kindof props can i use?

Any help regarding the type os location ?

What should she be wearing?

Thank you
Props? ANYTHING!!! Old camera, new camera, umbrella, parasol, fishing rod, cell phone, smoking pipe, bottle of wine, soda, blanket,a hat or cap, a scarf,multiple scarves, a single flower, grass stalks, shoes ties together with their laces and draped over a shoulder, a jacket, a sweater, a puppy, a dog, tire iron, butcher knife, an egg, a plain small box, and about 500 other items I cannot think of right now.

My list.

Canon a-1
Wooden chair.
Farming hat.

. Maybe a lader for shooting down on the grassfield?

Can dark clothes work? Like a black skirt? And a white tank top?
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Take the ladder. That will come in handy for exactly what you are thinking. Tell her to bring a few different outfits. Something dark something light and maybe some jeans too. You could probably get some decent shots with the speed light and the reflector during the day. If you have good light you would probably just need a little fill for the face.
Grass field may be tough.
Expose for the face and blow the background....or bring a lot of lights.
Watch your horizons in the background.

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