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    Hi Everyone,

    Well im looking to upgrade my camera but unsure what to get. Ive had my trusty 350d for well over a year and its a great little camera, and its taught me alot about digital photograghy. I hear theres a new 30d coming out anyone know much about it?? But if any one out there has any ideas i would certainly appreciate the advice! My buget will stretch to a Canon 1dn but is it a wise choice???



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    Why are you looking to upgrade? If you have outgrown the 350 body, then what is it that you need more of?

    Personally, other than the size, there won't be a massive photographic difference between the 350D and the 30D. The 5D and 1Ds Mk II will give you the full-frame advantage, but performance wise I would be surprised if there were many situations where this will be relevant.

    How about buying some lenses instead?

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    Well, what is it that you want to do that your 350D is holding you back?

    I'd say that your money would be better spent on nice lenses.

    Yes, there is a new 30D coming out, search the forum...there is a thread or two that list the upgrades (from the 20D) with some links. It's basically a 20D with a few new features.

    The 20D has been discontinued, and therefore can be found with great discounts right now. That might be an option.

    As for the 1D mk II n, it's fast at 8.5 fps...good for sports shooting pros. But IMO, if you aren't sure if you need/want a pro body...then you don't need a pro body. If you can afford one, and want it...then don't let me stop you. :D

  4. I had a Canon D60 for five years, loved it, but realized I was being held back by the absence of in-camera adjustments, and esp. the smaller sensor. I recently bought a 5D, and am glad I did. I already own some nice lenses, and the new full-frame sensor allows me to take full advantage of them. The action and technology are good, and I am sure that for the next several years I will be well-served. If you really don't care about the full-size sensor, then the 20D or 30D are good enough, and can do almost everything the big brother can do. However, as soon as Nikon comes out with a reasonable-priced full sensor camera (next year?) Canon will come out with a new mid-level camera with a full-size sensor. I think the days of the smaller chips in dSLRs are numbered.

    Like you, I'm not that price-sensitive, and am able to evaluate the full product range. If it's worth it, I'll spend the money. My advice is to look at the 5D. Thenwhen you buy better lenses, you know that all the money spent on very good gear is fully being taken advantage of.

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