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Upgrading my 400D


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Sep 11, 2007
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im thinking of upgrading my eos 400D as we are getting more and more work in. i will still keep it as a back up but was curious if anyone had any advice on where i should go. im currently looking around £1500 spending. ideally id like to keep it canon so i can use the lenses and 580ex II flash etc.

That's a pretty nice budget. The 40D is a great camera, and the 5D may be good for you depending if you want full frame or not. You'll probably be able to fit some lenses in that budget too.
What lenses do you have?

If you don't have much, you may be better off spending money in that area, rather than upgrading the camera. Although, if you are shooting events like weddings, a back-up camera is a must. If you have EF-S lenses...then I might not suggest a 5D, as they won't be compatible. Any EF lens will work on either camera.

Are you finding anything lacking with the 400D...something specific that you want or need to upgrade? It's a perfectly capable camera for most situations.

The 40D is a great looking camera that should fit your budget. A nice step up from the 400D in many ways.

The 5D is a full frame DSLR...with fantastic image quality and very low noise levels. It a bit expensive though.
ive looked at the 40D and just wasnt sure if the difference was enough of an upgrade. obviously the 40D is a better camera but im now maybe thinking i should invest in lenses. i dont have any L prime lenses so maybe this is a way to go

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