Used Canon 20D or New XTi?


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Dec 25, 2007
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Rockwall, TX
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I have been looking to move up from film SLR to DSLR and am not sure which camera to buy. I have some Canon lenses, so I am going to stay with Canon.

I am looking at a used Canon 20D in like new condition and a new XTi. If pricing and accessories that come with are about the same, which would you buy and why?

Thanks in advance for your input!
Hrm...I'm a Canon fan as well, and I own an XTi. Is the 20D an online deal or have you actually seen the camera?

The 20D has slightly better specs (FPS, etc.), but the MP in the XTi is higher. I personally LOVE having the screen on the XTi (even though it uses up battery) show me the shot stats. It's a whole lot easier to glance at that than at the top LCD screen on the top, on most other DSLR's.

I'm a sucker for high FPS, so personally I think I would go for the 20D, if it was new. But since it's a used camera, I would be a little hesitant. Do you personally know the person selling it? How many shots have been taken with the 20D?

It's kinda up to you. I love my XTi, and I haven't met anyone who hates theirs :lol:

Happy shooting!
20D is online, so I haven't seen it in person. It looks to be in mint condition from several pictures that are posted, but it does not give a click count.

Ok, I would try to find out as much info as you possibly can, and post it.

Don't base your final choice on what I've said, wait a while until other people have responded. I'm only an amateur... :wink:
My personal choice is the 20D... Depending on its condition.

Larger LCD screen is no big deal.... Unless the screen can magically grow to that of a full size monitor, there is very little about the quality of the photo that you can tell from the LCD screen. IMO, you just need a big enough screen to examine the histogram.

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