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    Hi everyone.

    I have been trying out some equipment for the past month. The guy called me today and wants to know how much I will give him for it. I have been using a 10x12 muslin backdrop it's in really good condition. I'm not sure how old it is. I have also been using some White Lightning studio lights. They are 10 years old. They work really good for what I need them for now but they are not exactlly what I want for latter. I am not sure of the wattage. He told me he paid about $250.00 per light back then. Also what do you pay for light stands and backdrop stands and umbrellas?

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    You can get Alien Bees strobe units brand new for $225 to $350.

    A lot of photogs use and recommend them, in fact I've seen many more recommendations for Alien Bees than White Lightning (although I'm sure that WL is just fine, but more expensive).

    Buy what you want/need, get it new with a warranty, and spend about the same money.

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