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Jun 27, 2003
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i just found out that the poodle (dog) is the only dog that has hair and not fur :shock: .. wow!! .. thats cool

got any useless information? :lol:

oh, found at the bottom of a soda can is 80% saliva :? (go on, take that last sip from your loved ones :lol: )
Did you know poodles are actually hunting dogs? They are great swimmers and the traditional cut is done to protect vital organs in cold situations.
did u know crocodiles cant move their tongue? :p
It is illegal to look at a moose from an airplane in the Anchorage Bowl. George Washington was saved from Massacre in the French and Indian war because he had the runs. Yep it is true.
Did you know that if you use cold tea to take out a wine stain on a white shirt you get a tea and wine stain?
did u know the first human-made object to break the sound barrier was a whip? :lol:

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