Using a digital SLR to proof a 4x5 shot

Discussion in 'Film Discussion and Q & A' started by kslagerman, Oct 5, 2006.

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    Hello, Im an intermediate b&w student just starting out with the 4x5.

    I am on a budget this semester and polaroid film is a little expensive for me. Is it possible to proof an exposure using a digital slr? i.e Take a shot with my D70 and then mirror the exposure on my 4x5? Will this give a close or aproximate representation of what my neg (and print) should come out like (with normal development etc etc)

    I'm not trying to skip out on the zone system by any means, but I don't own a hand held spot meter and the spot meter on my D70 has not given me consistant results.

    I am assuming that this should work, given the fact that all exposure meters (including the one in the D70) meter for middle gray or zone V. I guess I just dont have a full understanding of the way digital cameras are calibrated vs. film.


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    Sure. It will work fine as long as the same metering provides the same exposure on both cameras. If not, then you need to work out a way to calibrate one to the other (open 1/3 stop from the digital or whatever.) You have to do the same thing with polaroids anyway.
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    Make sure you use the histogram to check the exposure...rather than just viewing the image on the LCD screen...and keep in mind the difference in exposure latitude between your sensor and your film.

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