Using older Nikon lens on new DSLR

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by rp1600, Jul 27, 2007.

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    A friend approached me about advice on purchasing a new entry level DSLR. Since I'm a canon user my first advice was the Digi Rebel XTi -- within her budget and meets her needs for "vacation" type photos.

    Then she advised me she has a Nikon N5005 auto-focus film camera with a few lens.

    In an effort to maybe safe her some money, i told her i'd look into a good entry level Nikon camera and want to find out if she'll lose anything with her current lens, i.e. AF, metering, etc. capabilities.

    As always, thanks for the advice.

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    Hi. If the lenses are manual focus then it all gets a bit too complicated for me. If they're auto-focus lenses, then you would lose the AF on the D40 or D40x (but retain it with any other Nikon body, e.g. D50, D80).

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