Vermont Barber Shop


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May 9, 2012
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This is my new barber shop project.
The first time I saw this barber shop (out of the corner of my eye) I was driving with sleeping kids in the back of the van, talking to Jenny. The barber was sitting in the barber chair just inside the open door reading a news paper. The shop is attached to a house and big garage...the color of weathered New England white farmhouse. An awesome photo I saw immediately. But....can't stop and wake the kids oh no no says the wife!! now I'm forever in search of the photo I see in my mind...until I finally get it.
Maybe one day I'll figure this damn barber shop out.

marshfield barber shop storefront.jpg
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The picture you painted with your backstory could have been a Norman Rockwell illustration. My moment that is similar was seeing 3 wild turkeys sitting on an old split rail fence and not being able to stop because of the dangerous traffic location. A moment lost to time except in our memories...
We should have been painters so we could still share :)
I see what you mean, it has a lot of character. Nice shot and maybe lightening will strike twice there and give you that opportunity again.
Bet there's been a few stories told in there. Absolutely reeks history and character.

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