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Max Bloom for Critique Forum Mod?

  • Absolutely!

    Votes: 20 39.2%
  • Ambivalent

    Votes: 8 15.7%
  • Absolutely Not!

    Votes: 23 45.1%

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Mar 15, 2005
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Seriously. After all, I did help engineer the new critique forum (I believe that's public information now). And I'm curious as to how the forum members would split on support over such a thing. And I've admin-ed a forum w/ 2-3 million hits per month average.


Would you or would you not be in favor of me being a moderator of the critique forum?

By the way I'm well aware that in reality this is a pipe dream. And that nobody except current admins and mods actually has any say in the matter. Not to mention they've declined to offer the position :) .
Are you serious about this? Max, you draw more heat in here than Osama. Personally I love ya (... usually [lol] ) but you know people are just gonna gun for you just for the sake of getting you worked up, which you probably will get eventually.
I voted for you, You are the best critique here IMHO. I have learned by listening to you so keep with your critique :)
Thank You Maxx. I would like to see a critique section were the moderator gives each photo a real work over . Many photos ,good and not so good get comments but no real critique, how will any learn from only a comment.

holy crap Ansel... calm down! [big ole letters]
I voted Absolutely but it was conditional even as such a thing was not on offer. Here's my quibble. As long as you stay in the general critical analysis or professional galleries, this is a non-issue. Max you never fail to express your opinion and I for one have come to appreciate this.

However, for the general galleries, I would wish you limit you participation as a mod. Everything and everyone has its time and place. Yours, my friend, belongs with those that have toughened skins or need a good kick in the pants for trying to pass off rubbish.
I vote yes because you give the best critiques and you're good at spotting stuff.
I am still new here but I said yes because you express your mind without a care in the world...which is good for new people, like me, to see where we can improve.
I voted yes because I think you will do a good job.

but I think that some people need to remember that just cause Max Bloom doesn't like or finds fault in it and does not mean it is a bad photograph, and people won't get so fed up with your straight-forward and effective opinions that most people above me appreciate

Also I think a public poll is the wrong way to go about it, but that is besides the point and since it was already done I decided to vote
I'm all for it, I respect what you have to say Max, and I think you know damn well what you are talking about. Sure, you sometimes hurt people's feelings, but you're just about always right about everything in my mind, so yeah, I'm all for it. You're harsh, but you're never a jerk, you're like a cooler and smarter Simon Cowell.
I voted yes. It'd be good to see the critique section as an actual critque section.
Sure! Thanks for taking such a strong interest, that's what it takes to make a community work.

I wish the "no" votes would articulate their reasons.
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