Walking with a friend (C&C please)


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May 21, 2012
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Norfolk, VA
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I went for a walk with my friend and my camera... Just target practice... Your thoughts?






I think you've got a very attractive friend!

1. The exposure on the skin and top is just a tad hot; I'd try and pull the whites & highlights back just a bit in LR. I would also get rid of that bit of brush that's creeping over her left arm.

2. Mehhh... I see what you were after here, but I don't think it worked. Between the blown/nearly blown top, too hot chest and zero detail hair, I'd bin this one.

3. Better on the exposure; I just wish she'd taken the time to run a comb through her hair! Watch your backgrounds; the bright white stripes are a real eye-grabber and are pulling attention from the model.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

1- seems to be a bit blured and same as Tiredon, a bit overexposed in some parts

2-Over exposed on her chest but I like the pose

3-I like it, nicely exposed and I'm fine with her hair. The white strips in the background pop out a bit too much.
I prefer #3 of the set

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