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Want an opportunity to edit a photo??? Here is your big chance!!!

Blackrose89 , I too live in s. florida and these miscovey ducks are a pima !!! lol
How about hosting them somewhere where we can download the original file?
PhotoBucket. Smugmug. Shutterfly. YourFileLink. et al.

t didn't turn out too well. The exposure was less than ideal. No details in the shadows - and this image wasn't the best to work with to begin with. Anyway, I adjusted curves, colour balance, hue/saturation, darkened the background, burned some detail into the red stuff, cropped and sharpened. The GIF conversion may also have reduced the quality some... To be frank, these can't really be saved...
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Here are the uploads. Please do what you can so I can use these photos, just please don't crop them.


Unfortunately, those aren't the original files. I mean the ones right out of the camera, not ones you have already edited, cropped & resized.

But here's my go of it:


You shoot at 800px × 600px?
You shoot at 800px × 600px?

Excuse my Noob ignorance, what does this mean?????

Your camera needs changed so it takes larger images. You have a 14.1 mp camera, taking 0.48 mp shots.

Even cheap cell phones take larger images than that.

If your camera spits out images measuring 800 x 600 pixels, you're shooting at the lowest resolution possible. My guess is, the file size is very very small, and you can get thousands of images on even a 1gig card.
Is this any better?

I had to lens blur the water too as it ended up blending in to the ducks chest and the branches reflection drew the eye away from the subject. Sorry.


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