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Jun 7, 2012
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me and the wife are shooting a wedding in Fort Myers this Friday. (7/26) starts at 1400, not sure when it all ends.
Church wedding, some portraits on the sanibel causeway, (weather permitting) and reception at a restaurant that's been reserved.
I thought this might be a good opportunity for anyone that wants to get into wedding photography. IF you want (and can make it)
we will let you shoot this wedding with us, basically as a second shooter. (well, third shooter i guess) It will give you a good idea how weddings go, plenty of formal portraits, hopefully some beach shots, and a pretty typical reception. we are only able to accommodate one extra person. no experience necessary, this is strictly for your benefit as a learning experience. you will be allowed to use whatever pictures you take for your own portfolio, and of course, we get to use any shots you take. (you do not get commercial usage of any photos, obviously)

you are welcome to bring any equipment you have and want to use.
if you shoot Nikon, you are welcome to use any of our flashes or lenses that we aren't using. we have plenty of them, as well as several fast zooms and primes, soft boxes, umbrellas, and bounce cards.

this whole thing may sound a bit silly, and i realize it is kinda last minute with little to no chance of someone actually wanting to take us up on it, but I thought it would be nice to throw the offer out here just in case. It is a genuine offer for real wedding shooting experience.

If anyone is interested, and can be in the fort myers area this friday at 1400, or have any questions, feel free to shoot me a PM, or post here and i will PM the information to you. no prior experience is necessary, this is just to help someone learn. I can guarantee plenty of opportunity to shoot during pretty much every aspect of this wedding, from start to finish. The only thing we ask, is that if you ask to do it, that you commit to at LEAST the church portion of the wedding, and the formals afterwards.

If I lived anywhere near close enough to drive there in a day, I'd do it! Actually, it's one of my photography goals...to never, EVER shoot a wedding (as a first shooter, that is) but I'd love to have the experience of doing it without the pressure of possibly ruining someone's wedding day photos! Not to mention the chance to learn from some of the expertise you and Mrs. Pixmedic have.

Hope someone in Florida is smart enough to take you up on this offer!
If I was close I would definatly take you up on the offer.

And sm4him I think they are definatly worth trying. I said I would never do them. but after being talked into my first one ive changed my mind on them completly. There defiantly not for everyone. but you never know what will happen till you try it.
What a great offer! My skills aren't there, and I'm not in Florida now.

But I like to think that one day I might reach the point where I don't trip over my own camera straps. And if I did and if I was visiting Grandma, I would so take you guys up on it.
What a great offer! My skills aren't there, and I'm not in Florida now.

But I like to think that one day I might reach the point where I don't trip over my own camera straps. And if I did and if I was visiting Grandma, I would so take you guys up on it.

thats the beauty of this offer. all the experience of shooting a wedding, none of the pressure of actually having to produce anything.
this is a great weekend to visit Grandma!
LOL, no dice! Grandma's in Long Island (read with proper accent) this week, and I've got to celebrate squirrel the youngest's first birthday! But I so hope somebody takes you up on your offer so I can third shoot vicariously!
That sounds awesome! if airfare wasn't so expensive I would be there
Very nice.

I will try to do this to pay it forward in the future when I am not a mess myself at weddings :)

Next wedding is this Saturday! yay for mid summer weddings in Phoenix haha
I must have missed the part about what the pay is.
If I were in Florida I'd totally take you up on it. I wouldn't mind the experience of second shooting. I don't think I'd ever really want to do weddings but I'd love it for the experience at least. Funny enough, the hubs and I were married July 25th, 2009 in Ft Myers :)
Jason, that is an awesome opportunity you have there.

Well, it would be awesome if someone that's actually interested is local enough to take us up on it. Not too many forum people down here though. Still, my wife learned by second shooting, and we feel it is the best way to learn wedding photography. Someone can get in on a great learning experience and get a good start on their wedding/portrait portfolio.

Plus, it's a great way to give something back to the forum community.
I would literally melt in Florida in July.

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