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Jul 25, 2014
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NW Florida
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This is one of those shots you always dream of getting...and I almost did. The planes were in the frame with the Osprey but a bit smaller.....soooooooo, I made them bigger (only 20%) then pasted them with the Osprey same size in the frame and did a final crop.

I would like the shot with just the Osprey and I would like the shot with just the jets, but I don't like the shot with them both.

Just my opinion.
I like this combination very much :) ; yes, the osprey can be majestic if it were shown alone too... but this is a rare thing and the jets are distributed in classic manner.... like the King and His soldiers,,,
F-22 Raptor and the Osprey, also a raptor. I thought they went nicely together and rather fittingly so.
I like the concept, but find the realization a little dischordant. The bird and the jets don't look like they belong together because the former appears to be climbing while the latter appear to be in a descending attack mode. The bird is also a clearer and sharper image, while the jets are more 'hazy'. To me this accentuates their 'apart-ness', where I'd like to see them look more like a three-member team.
Unfortunately, I had no communication with the pilots and when the time comes I can communicate with an Osprey, I'll rule this forum. The jets were flying by at about 400-ish MPH while the Osprey was a mere 75 feet and hovering. It was only by a stroke of luck both ended up in the same frame at the same time. That I did a little voodoo to put them closer together...that was the fun part.
Bodies of osprey and raptors hint opposite directions; but raptors are heading in the direction where osprey is looking down; what a loyal and sensible body guards ;)

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