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Mar 4, 2009
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I do a lot of night landscape photography in the mountains. I am looking to get a glowing effect from small pools. I was thinking of getting some underwater lights and placing them in the pools. Any advice on what types of lights i should get (ie: strobe, continuous....). I just want a soft glow from the water. sort of how a swimming pool would light up at night when you turn the pool light on. Any advice on anything involving this subject is greatly appreciated. thanks.
I don't think what you suggest will work for natural pools.

Swimming pool lighting takes a lot of its effect from the fact that the sides and bottom of the pool are, generally, very light in colour and there is a lot of internal reflection occuring.

If you put lights in a natural pool the effect would be localised one way or another rather than the glow that I think you seek.

I suspect that for the effect you want you will need to work with moonlight and angles unless you want the entire shot to be of a sufficiently small area that you can illuminate it externally.
Good point. I guess i never thought about it from that perspective. thank you

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