Watery leafs - C&C please


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Apr 6, 2013
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$Watery leaf petit.jpg C&C please, I don' t know if this photo is right, because it looks really good to me ;).
For me, you have a good idea, but there are a few suggestions i can make which could make this a more pleasurable experience to look at...
Firstly, i feel as if the background is far too busy, making it hard to concentrate on the main focus of the image; the droplet.
Bringing me to my second point, the droplet is slightly soft. With an image like this you are going to want the main focal point ( the drop ) to be very sharp.
Other than that you have the potential for a good photograph: macro photography is laborious and requires a huge amount of patience.
A tripod, external flash unit and very high shutter speed is always a good idea for macro :)
Thank you! But how could I make the background less busy?

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