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Aug 16, 2010
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Hello everyone!!!
I am new at this forum and would like some opinions on my brand new webstore that consists of photography....
I do picture frames and photography at the same time but my photography is only for me to sale .... i print on canvas or photopaper and frame them ....
So if possible i would like some opinions on my webstore ....

Thank you....
Lose the Flash. I got bored waiting for things to load, and once they did, I got seasick watching them.
Sea sick??? lol.....
Thats a good one...
Did u click on a picture to enter the store?
Give me ur opinion on that....
Yes, sea sick. The zooming in and out is disorienting. The tag says to click on an image for other options, but the zoom out, change image zoom back in thing starts instead.

The centered text for your text only pages is juvenile, and not professional at all.

Your frame images are difficult to distingusih wher one frame begins and another ends.

I also got annoyed always having to wait for the Flash to load.

The web site does not automatically resize for systems using up to date monitors.

Flash is losing support from more and more applications providers on a daily basis.
Im using a brand new state of the art 18.4 inch lap top and it looks fine...concerning the the flash going back when clicked ...well thats when a picture is clicked then the site directs u to the webstore ........
anyhow thats what i want to know....opinions..
Thank you for taking the time to look at it....
17 seconds from the time I clicked on a picture to the time the webstore loaded. Waaaaay too long. I read a statistic on (a great resource for web designers) once that said if your page takes more than 10 seconds to load, you lose 2/3 of your viewers. High speed internet has spoiled people. Nobody expects to wait while a page loads.

Another thing that bugs me is that it loads in a different window. Opera blocks "popup" windows and I have to click something to allow them. :meh: Just have them use the same window. I'll use the back button if I want to look at others.
That is because you already have all the cookies from your own site....
Either way I think too much is going on.
I read a friends ebook about website design and they had a poll in there that said the two things people dislike the most on photo sites are slideshows and music.
I dont hear any music. so at least you got that good.
Well I timed it, and it took me 11sec to load the initial site and then 19 sec to open the new window after I clicked one of the pictures. I strongly recommend you don't have shopping thing open in a new window.

Many photographers and graphic designers like to use flash for their websites, because it looks more "artistic" I guess, however you should take into account that some people have older computers which aren't very flash friendly. Not to mention numerous computers and handhelds(iphone, blackberry, etc) don't even have flash installed.
It looks great, the designer must have charged you a boat load...but, it is a waste of time trying to figure out how to get around the site with all of the movement and not seeing what should be intuitive. I think it is time to go back to the drawing board.

Remember to tell your designer to keep it simple.
Thank you everyone for ur opinions....youve all been great....

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