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Jul 14, 2013
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Hi All,

I thought I would start a new thread about the wedding photos I have done. All Feedback welcomed!

This first photo is as shot, no crop, Small Color Correction and Contrast.

Please let me know.

$Bride Getting Ready.jpg
The background of the image seems really dull and... sad

The corner of the frame on the make-up'er is distracting me because its shiny.

The old t-shirt does not seem to be the most flattering piece of clothing in this situation...

All in all, for me at least. This picture doesn't give me that magical sense of *wedding* that it should. It just looks like moms getting a special treatment

I'm not a wedding photographer nor a very well versed professional. I consider myself a hobbyist at best.
I can see what your were trying to achieve and I bet you are thinking you can only work with the tools you are given (i.e. backdrop/clothing etc). The composition etc isn't too bad (maybe not cut the makeup artists elbow off) although there is a hue over the picture so a bit of post processing would be good. I am more interested in the makeup artist than the bride....

Whilst I am no expert though there is a huge leap between taking some photos of a wedding and being a wedding photographer. Professional wedding photographers help to make moments happen by careful placement of people and objects as well as framing shots well etc.

I would suggest investing your time looking at other wedding photographer photos and coming up with 10 or so picture styles that you like (and feel you can do) to try at your next session.
Hey All,

thank you for the feedback.

The Clothing of the bride I agree not the best, but she was like this when I got there.
Most of the brides I have shot for are not in dress when I arrive due to wanting to take shots of the dress.

The Make-up artist elbow was not something I did on my own it was how I was standing. Again my main focus was on the bride becoming ready.

My issue was the room they were in was dull and nothing to make it look nice, there was clothing and suitcases all over the floor which made it hard to walk around.

On one side of the room they had a Huge Exercise machine in the way so I was trying very hard not to get that in the shot.

Hope this helps ease the feeling of that one photo...
Here are a few more from the same wedding.

Please give me feedback to the best you can.

$Ring Exchange - Bride.jpg$Ring Exchange - Groom.jpg$Junior Grooms Men.jpg$Junior Brides Maid.jpg$Awaiting Start of Ceremony.jpg$The Ceremony.jpg
Please Excuss the Grooms, Thumb. Kinda Gross
Something is super off with your color. All of your images have a gray hue with hardly any saturation. Are you exporting correctly?
When you look at them here small yes I agree they do look Grey. But click them and its gone, unless I am not seeing it
When you look at them here small yes I agree they do look Grey. But click them and its gone, unless I am not seeing it

You must not be seeing it.. they are all grey... look underexposed (After clicking on them to open them up). Poor lighting, backlit with no fill, chopped body parts, poor framing and composition, etc...

Do you own a flash? Do you know how to use it?

And since you DONT allow editing... we cannot show you what they should look like....

Do you calibrate your monitor?
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I have an edit I can post to show you proper exposure.. if you will allow it?
This is why I cropped this photo.
there was only half of her son, and this was my fault.

$Waiting for ceremony.jpg
Yes sure please

Original on top.. Edit on bottom... only exposure corrected...


Since the subjects are backlit without any fill light, blown out backgrounds are the only option....
What about the new one above yours I just posted is this better for the expo

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