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Aug 10, 2015
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I love photographing weddings & overall I feel pretty confident in the way my photos turn out with the exception of the dance portion. I think a lot of the reasoning is that I love my natural light & I don't normally have much (if any) during the dance & I feel like the photos don't blend well with the rest taken before & during the ceremony.

What do you think I could do to improve photographing with artificial lighting?

image.jpg image.jpg
I kind of like the ones of the bride, but I would process them differently. I'm guessing she'll like them. Who is the untucked shirt guy? Is that the groom? *Shudders* He definitely should have kept his shirt tucked in.

The one of the two and a half guys dancing should get deleted, IMO. It just looks really awkward, and the one guy has alcohol. It looks messy.

I'm not a wedding photographer, so I'll let the pros answer your question.
get lights to fill the ambient, so they blend more to your style.
The second shot looks like a "snapshot" rather than a "Wedding Reception Photo" but so what? I like snapshots, prefer them even and that's all my camera ever takes. Weird comment above: "...the one guy has alcohol".

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