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Mar 18, 2013
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For this week’s challenge, our theme is tiny. This can be interpreted any way you like. You can use miniatures, photograph something that looks small in comparison to something else, look for small items while you are out in your world. Use your perspective and lighting skills to make an ordinary object seem small. This is not a macro challenge.

As always, new photos only for the weekly challenge please. Get out there and shoot!

Photographing Small Things - A Personal Voyage

Sometimes, Small and Insignificant Is Perfect to Photograph

What is Perspective in Photography? (And How to Use It!)
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Tiny: its all relative. These two spots on the sun, taken today at 1pm Eastern with a sun shield on the telescope, are collectively identified as 2809. The circumference of the Sun is 109 times that of earth making those two specs on the Sun at least the size North America ... tiny.

The actual onion seed is even a bit smaller than the white pellet. The black seed show here, to the left of the pelleted seed, is encased in a clay material making it much easier to work with in a mechanical planter.

Add water, soil, heat and get a biological explosion. That is a very interesting image. Folks really should have a better understanding of where their daily bread (onion) comes from. Your shots help with that.
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Big tree, tiny tree. Also my first attempt at a sky replacement. Thoughts?

The image is quite nice and possesses many elements of a good landscape photo. I am not a fan of sky replacement as when I see a shot I like to think I could go to a place and actually experience it as depicted.

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